Airports & Other Places

We all have a place that is special to us, that strangely seems to allow room for life and breath. Excitement sparks at the eyes or nostalgia at the corners of your lips.  To me, the most beautiful place in the world is the airport. It is the representation of the ability of seemingly impossible […]

Why do we keep creating?

The emptiness of the moments in between; mute stillness in the air. The way things seem to slow down and breathing feels deeper. Pure euphoria. The sound of expression. In that brief time, the vagrant mind is miraculously flying across in another dimension; a moment of freedom where our hearts are somewhere miles off, undetectable, nor […]

Frightened of the Light

All of us have probably experienced fear at some point; but instead of the dark and dusty monsters behind our headboards, it’s probably the light that is the scariest. Being frightened of waking up tomorrow morning, living another day. Being afraid of who we may really be. Who are we? We may be teachers, parents, […]

Recent Thoughts on Minimalism

Minimalism is found in the mind, not the room; so it’s been such a freeing journey and interesting one. With this recent burst in minimalist ‘living’ its important to remember that its has appeared in various other forms as well: visual art, music, dancing, and inspired so many great minds. Isn’t it thrilling to realize […]


Ah sleep. The love hate relationship with this unconcious activity. As an aspiring minimalist, keeping not only surroundings, but minds fresh and alert is paramount  – something impossible without adequate sleep. This task sometimes seems like a waste of time in the midst of busy schedules but we all know the feeling of the groggy […]

On the Other Side of the Tunnel

When I was in my preteen years, I remember a terrible period of time under which a flood of anxiety plagued me – an experience that no one should ever deserve. I was a wreck and I could feel myself gradually losing my mind. My memory was unreliable, I was constantly stressed and I would […]